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Lights, Camera, Christmas Town! - Autographed Print & Digital

Lights, Camera, Christmas Town! - Autographed Print & Digital

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Grab this special autographed package of Lights, Camera, Christmas Town!

This set includes 2 print books, 1 digital book, plus a bonus digital epilogue.

  • Autographed print book of Lights, Camera, Christmas Town!...autographed by ALL 8 authors!
  • Digital copy of Lights, Camera, Christmas Town!
  • Bonus Epilogue in ebook format for Lights, Camera, Christmas Town!
  • Autographed BONUS print book (by one of the authors)
  • Free shipping!

About Lights, Camera, Christmas Town:

You’re invited behind the scenes of a romance movie set in small, snowy Christmas Town, where you’ll discover eight feel good, sweet romances unfolding among the film’s cast and crew.

"It's like 8 Hallmark movies all in one!" 5 Stars, Goodreads Reviewer

Welcome back to Christmas Town, Maine!

What could make the holidays in Christmas Town even more magical? The arrival of a TV movie’s cast and crew to recreate one of their most beloved couple’s happily ever after!

The snow is falling, the chestnuts are roasting, and Posey’s peppermint pies can’t keep up with demand! But there’s also mischief afoot as filming begins. Someone keeps sneaking Elmer the Elf into scenes, the town is buzzing with romantic gossip, and the Knotty Elves once again turn their creative endeavors from knitting to helping others find true love.

You’ve got a VIP pass…

This collection of brand-new stories gives you an all-access pass to the holiday festivities and movie merrymaking. From the producer to the director, the lead actors to the extras, the production crew and beyond, this set of connected, sweet romances from Harlequin Heartwarming authors is sure to win warm your holiday-loving heart!

Compare this read to movies like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Love, Actually, as well as all the good feels of a Hallmark, UPTV or Great American Family TV movie. Inside, you’ll find stories featuring best friend to lovers, best friend’s older brother, teen crush, opposites attract, second chance, reunion, bad boy, and later in life romances.

What are readers saying about the Heartwarming Christmas Town collections?

"I love that the stories are all connected, like one big holiday series!"
"I can't wait to visit Christmas Town again!"

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